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Chantilly fuwa fuwaI showed you some days ago, Fuwa Fuwa clay from Japan. Very playful clay and thoughtful for all of our sweet jewelry creations. And there are also a special clay to make whipped cream with socket repositionable, the Fuwa Fuwa Mousse Whipped Cream! Really good for making whipped cream.

The Fuwa Fuwa Mousse Whipped Cream are  available in five colors: green, blue, pink, yellow and brown + white.

Gamme chantilly fuwa fuwa

Use :

Knead the whipped Fuwa Fuwa bag to warm and thus make it more malleable, then unscrew the protective cap. Adjust the socket provided or put another socket that you buy separately and create your whipped cream as a true! Once dry, 24 to 48 hours later, and you can paint or varnish.

Chantilly fuwa fuwaChantilly fuwa fuwa

Each bag contains 90 grams of Fuwa Fuwa Mousse Whipped Cream, what do a lot of sweet jewelry! ;)
La chantilly fuwa fuwa (french version)

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